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    1. Welcome video and instructions

    2. Course Content

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    4. Testimonials

    1. Developing Self-awareness

    2. Questionnaires for Developing Self-awareness

    3. Reflective Questions on People Pleasing.

    4. Developing Self-awareness with Tasha Eurich - video

    5. Developing Self-awareness meditation.

    1. VIA Character Strengths

    2. VIA Character Strengths Test

    3. Character Strengths Misconceptions

    4. Information on VIA Character Strengths from the VIA website.

    5. Strengths meditation

    6. Bonus video with Ryan Niemiec

    1. What are boundaries?

    2. Understanding Emotional Boundaries

    3. List of Core Values Activity

    4. Values Crunching Tool

    5. Common Core Beliefs that impact our boundaries.

    6. Boundaries with Brené Brown - video

    7. Boundaries meditation

    1. Attachment Theory

    2. Attachment Questionnaires.

    3. Daniel Siegel on Attachment - video

    4. Article on Attachment and Adult Relationships

    5. Attachment Theory meditation

    6. Dan Siegel's videos on attachment - link

    1. Attachment & People Pleasing

    2. Attachment Needs and People Pleasing

    3. Pursue & Avoid People Pleasing - Fear, Obligation & Guilt

    4. Reflective Questions on Attachment and Fear, Obligation & Guilt

    5. Better communication in relationships with Tim Ferriss & Brené Brown

    6. Article on Attachment Styles & People Pleasing

    7. Attachment & People Pleasing meditation

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Students' Testimonials

I have started saying 'No'

by Erika

The weekly meditations helped me to sit with my feelings in a non-judgemental way, supporting me in trying to be more present and aware of my energy. Understanding the theory presented on attachment needs, polyvagal responses and parts has given me a better understanding of my own needs (and of others) and also the strategies I might use to help myself in difficult situations. I particularly enjoyed the week on communicating boundaries and embodied centred state responses. I have actually started to say 'no' in situations when previously, I would have immediately felt I had to say 'yes' to please the other person/s, which would often then lead to stress and anxiety. I am recognising that I am not responsible for other peoples happiness. I will take with me the words Elfreda used "People don't always need to feel better, they just need to be seen". This is empowering stuff.

I no longer feel alone in my behaviour.

by Bernie

I loved Elfreda's energy and enthusiasm. Her positivity was infectious and she challenged me to look at new ways of perceiving myself and my behaviours. There was so much in the programme that I am delighted to have access and work through some areas at my own pace. The programme has made me realise that my patterns of behaviour are quite common and I no longer feel alone in struggling to change what doesn't serve me any longer. I have new tools to help me along the way. I would recommend this programme to most women! We are inclined to want to please, fix and put ourselves last. Also we are not great at recognising our strengths and personal needs.